“Ecogami is a passion, a personal project. My name is Eric, I am Breton, and I live between France and Argentina.

It all begun in 2016 when I discovered on the net a nice picture of an elephant sculpture. I did not know anything about 3D, or about this art of paper. I tried to do it myself. A passion was born.

So, I bought my first pattern. I really enjoyed the process. In my home and with my favorite music, cutting, folding, and gluing became a source of relaxation, a hobby, an entertainment. Then the sculptures followed one another, each one bringing a charge of emotion and personal satisfaction, a satisfaction to build something with my own hands.

At the beginning of 2017, after assembling a dozen sculptures, I wondered if I could not design my own paper models. I searched on internet, it seemed to be out of my skillset, but I was motivated. I first got acquainted with several 3D design software. Then, I learned to transform a 3D object into a 2D pattern… Ecogami started, then my first website, which offers my creations as digital patterns (PDF files) only. Then, in 2021, which offers my patterns as printed kits sent by post mail.

Today I am as motivated as I was at the beginning. I try to create unique, original, and diverse designs, and I love that. I try to provide the most intuitive instructions possible to make assembly as pleasant and easy as possible.

I hope my little story will inspire you and make you thirsty to discover or rediscover this paper art."

Eric / Ecogami


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