Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a YouTube channel with few videos. Click on the link below if you want to check it:

Our items are Papercraft patterns which are prepared and sent directly to your home by Post mail. Each pattern has two documents:

  • The instructions which explain step-by-step how to assemble your sculpture. This document is a single A4 page folded in half.
  • The pattern printed on a thick special papercraft paper (A4 format). This document has between 5 to 18 pages according to the papercraft model you ordered.

The pictures of each item show the sculpture once assembled.

I show you with the image below an example of one of our kits (two documents included):

Of course, everybody can make it. You will just have to follow the part numbers (each part of each pattern has a number) and match the edge numbers (all the edges of each part have a numbers).

You will just need the right utensils to do it but more important, you will need time, motivation and patience. It is a fiddly job, but it is entertaining. You can use it to relax with music as the process of cutting, gluing and folding will soon become automatisms.

If your child is under 12, I advise to make it with him/her. We do not recommend letting a child under 12 to do it by him/herself. If you have never done a paper craft sculpture before, it has not to stop you. Just follow the instructions and you will soon realize that it is not so difficult than what it seems.

  • A pair of scissors to cut each part of the pattern.
  • A scoring tool to mark/score and fold the parts (it could be a ball point pen without ink, a small cutter or even better a paper scalpel like X-Acto).
  • A ruler (metal ruler is better).
  • White Paper glue (semi-liquid).
  • A cutting mat to not damage your dining table!

White semi-liquid paper glue works perfectly for those sculptures (It's sometimes called "Vinyl Glue"). It dries in few minutes. After gluing, you just have to press the two pieces of paper few seconds & that all!

Of course, it is brilliant idea. I am sure your friend or family member will be surprised by this original gift.

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